Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lime green

A second grader at my school was "star student" this week, and was asked to fill out a poster all about herself. In typical second grade fashion, she answered every question very well with lots of really good information. And then there it was: What is your favorite color? You know what she said? LIME GREEN. Not just green, but lime green. First of all, I have to agree that lime green is right up there with the most amazing colors, but the big thing for me was this: she was so specific, so clear. I had to ask myself when was the last time I was that zeroed in on what I like best? In fact, in my sometimes much too busy life, when was the last time I even thought about what my favorite color might be, much less elaborating on it? So...I pose this question here...what is your favorite color? Does this answer come to you easily and if not, can you tap into that little person inside of you that once knew the exact answer to that question (and many others) with all kinds of swirly details?