Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scenes from a hibernation...

Hibernating is wonderful. I have photos to prove it. I have spent the last six glorious days in my house with nothing but my boys, Lola, warm socks, and lots of good food.

Our courtyard looks magical...

My baking partner who dressed himself and is my biggest helper in the kitchen. I can't believe how much baking we did...brownies, cookies, chocolate cake, granola, banana bread, and other stuff too.

We stayed very busy gathering snow for our homemade snow ice cream. Yes, just add sugar, milk, vanilla and of course snow.

We discovered that while the seagulls can walk around and sort of huddle on the icy lake all day long...the ducks, not so much. They were a little disoriented.

Little one loves to throw snow balls. He also apologizes after each one.

This sweet bird visited us at our breakfast table. I think he lives with his family in the bird house around the corner. Could he be any fatter or cuter?

Add one iced in front door, and a dance party with my two super get me...a deliriously happy girl.

Iced all the way in...what to do? Build a fort, put on my monkey suit, and put on a talent show for my proud parents.

Yes, hibernating is simply wonderful.

So is Silly Cow hot cocoa by the way....

Here we are....six days later...the snow and ice is gone, but....this six days will never be forgotten. xoxoxo

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The ABC's

Cuddled up on this cold snowy morning, watching Winnie the Pooh, I was seriously not prepared for the ending. It's time for Christopher Robin to go off to school to learn his abc's and about places like Brazil. He tells Pooh that all he really wants to do is stay in the hundred acre woods and do nothing. (His favorite thing to do) I looked over at my sweet, sweet four year old boy, who's favorite thing to do is the same...(as is mine) and began to cry. He hugged me really tight, and I of course could not give a good explanation as to why I was crying....I just said I am so happy and sometimes people cry when they are really happy. I was reminded at that moment that he will go off and need to learn all of those things soon too. But....and this is the really important part....he is here with me now and just four years old. So there we were, me crying, him comforting me and drying my eyes with his precious blankie, and what else was there to do but jump up to make pancakes? Life...all at once so incredibly beautiful and yet tender, sometimes sad, and so very dear.